Hi I'm Anna

I am a wife, and mama to a little boy and baby girl.

I’m a student, I love learning.

I’m a teacher. I regularly run classes and workshops on selfcare and making your own skincare, imparting the stories and lessons to be learned about what we put on our skin. 

I am really crazy passionate about creating positive change in the world.  I believe that each one of us can make a big difference.

I love nature and all animals

I love swimming in the ocean on really sunny days with no one else around, and sitting in the garden with my little people, just watching them take in the world around them.

Books are a big passion for me; I can read anything and everything for hours on end. I’m partial to hot chocolate and love yoga. Laid back dinners with family and friends. Hot baths; I dream of an outdoor bath with trees all around.

Late nights when everyone is asleep and I feel like the world is all mine are the best. I adore getting creative in the kitchen with fresh organic ingredients, and growing my own food. And just sitting in nature, with my feet on the ground and listening to the wind and birds.

I recently sold my natural skincare business which I had created and nurtured for the past four years, in order to follow my inner guidance. 


So here I am.


I am on a journey of slowing down and going back to basics.  With everything, from self care and beauty products, to cleaning, food and lifestyle. 

I believe the earth needs to heal and so do we, and that healing ourselves will have such a tremendously positive effect on our beautiful planet.

As a mum I know how busy life can get while we try to achieve all the things, and have found that there are so many answers to be found in nature, in its rhythms and flows, and natural cycles. 

I work with women to help reclaim a connection with ourselves through a re-connection with nature.

I do this through online workshops around re connection, self care and natural beauty.  I also create bespoke organic products that truly honour you and where you currently are in life. 

I am creating a community of like minded wise women to share our knowledge and evolve together. I would love for you to join me. 

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