My journey back to basics


Since my 20s I have been on a journey of slowing down and simplifying my life, guided by a deep need to go back to basics, reconnect to nature and my inner guidance, and tread more gently on the earth.  A couple of different things led me to this, one being my health and the other a complete disenchantment towards my chosen career. 

Since I was 15 I had been getting regular, and very severe migraines a few times a week every week.  I had scans, allergy tests and saw many specialists but received no answers.  A migraine rendered me completely unable to function.  I couldn’t eat or drink, I would often vomit violently, sometimes even lying down was painful due to the immense pressure in my head.  The only option presented to me was to take very strong anti-inflammatory medication. The days between migraines I felt like I was looking at the world from behind a fog.  It was no way to live but I had no idea what to do and the doctors were not giving me any answers or other solutions.  I was at a point where I knew I needed to change things dramatically but I did not know yet how.

A catalyst for trying a different path was my unhappiness at my job. 

After finishing high school I felt immense pressure from many directions to choose a course which would lead to a respectable (by society standards) and well paying career.  I chose to study Environmental Engineering due to my passion for reducing our impact on the environment and thought that this was one way of following that calling.  I completed the course despite wanting to drop out of it every year, and got that well paying respectable job.  I knew straight away it wasn’t for me, however I felt stuck and I didn’t know how to find a way out.  After all I had just spent 4 years of my life studying and working towards this.  

In my longing for something else, something that resonated with my heart and with my desire to create change I started feeling a deep need to shed and let go of the things that were no longer working in my life.  It was a push to really simplify things and go back to basics.  To delve into the past and see how things were done before our modern day conveniences, and to see how and if I could incorporate some of these things into my own life.

I started with food, breaking things down to the most basic and unprocessed versions.  I cleaned out my kitchen and stopped buying anything processed.  I eliminated plastics.  Stopped using the microwave and non stick pots and pans.  Then I moved on to cleaning products and skincare. 

This decluttering and clearing out of the physical things around me naturally led to a lot of inner work and I began reading books about letting go of fear, learning about the law of attraction and manifesting, letting go of limiting beliefs and learning to listen to my inner guidance. 

I started to look at the world differently, seeing possibilities when before I saw only lack and limitation.  I began practicing gratitude. 

As I was healing my mind and body, my actions were also having a positive impact on the environment.  Somewhere through out this process I also stopped taking my migraine medication, in fact I stopped taking any kind of painkillers or medication for anything, and looked towards natural forms of healing. 

My migraines decreased dramatically both in frequency and severity, and continued to do so as my body gently detoxed. Now it’s very rare that I get one, particularly of such severity that would have me lying in bed for days.  I’m 33 and the way I feel today does not even compare to when I was 15!

I have also been working for myself for the last 5 years, doing things that make me feel alive and that add value. 

It is a continual journey and I keep peeling back layers, moving to new stages, changing and adjusting accordingly.  But I am doing so by following my own inner guidance, and not being swayed by society expectations.  It’s been a journey of going from a position of powerlessness to completely claiming my power back, and what a difference that has made. 

If you are looking to strip back the layers of life to come back to basics, find more space for yourself and your passions as well as greater health, I offer a Back to Basics mentoring package.  You can find out more here, or book your free discovery call through here

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