I don’t have to be better, I just have to be me

Today I saw an online course that is so much along the lines of what I want to create.  When I read it I wanted to cry, because it was me on the page.  Exactly me! What I am, what I have to offer, what I want to create. 

And instead of thinking, shit!  Someone else has already done it and it is so much better than what I could ever do, which is what I most definitely would have thought in the past, I felt simple joy and excitement.

Because someone else feels the way I do.  Sees me too.  Which means that there is space for me and my offering in the world.   And I felt so incredibly grateful for this because I had been feeling so much doubt in myself, which I guess goes hand in hand with starting something new.

But I learned another thing too. 

I felt no competition.  It is not about me being better, or the other person being better than me.  It is about each of us just being our authentic selves and bringing our offerings into the works in a way which is uniquely ours.  I’ve known this on an intellectual level for a long time but to have this instant reaction truly showed me that I had let go of this fear based thinking of competition which can be so crippling.

This also shows me that the world is changing.  I can feel it.

I have felt this spirit of collaboration and unity among small businesses around me recently.  This collective energy changes us, and in turn our individual thoughts and vibration impacts on and changes the world around us.

The world is changing and today I see that it is for the better.

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