Grounding or Earthing, is the act of connecting with the earth to bring our bodies back in balance.  The earth is a huge reservoir of negatively charged ions, and regularly connecting with it balances out the free radicals or positively charged ions which build up in our bodies, mostly as a result of modern life.  

In the past this was not such a big problem as our ancestors spent a lot more time walking with bare feet, sleeping outside and working in the soil.  These days not only do we do this a lot less often but through constant exposure to electromagnetic fields created by our many devices, and WiFi, we are constantly vulnerable to high levels of positively charged ions building up in our bodies with no way of being balanced.  

One of the easiest ways to do this is to walk barefoot on the earth each day.  And spend as much time as possible outside, touching the earth with our hands and feet.  Even a few minutes makes a difference, and you can notice it straight away in the way you feel. Swimming in the ocean or other natural water sources does the same thing which explains why spending time in nature has such a restorative effect on body and mind.  Science is now showing that grounding has many health benefits such a reducing stress, improving sleep, reducing inflammation in the body, lowering chronic pain, increasing energy and improving blood pressure and flow.  Just another way that Mama Earth is looking after us.

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