So what does living with flow and trust actually mean, and why would one want to do it.  On the surface it might seem like an elusive fluffy statement. 

For me it has been a slow progression which eventually lead me to realise that this is what I wanted.  Craved really.  It required a lot of letting go and shedding of layers upon layers of old conditioning and beliefs relating mostly to what I felt I should be doing, and what the 'right' way was of living my life. 

It is basically a change of living life from a mind space of control and fear, to a heart space guided by our inner voice.  

This way of living requires a lot of trust.  In yourself and that inner voice, and also in the universe, spirit, or whatever you feel comfortable calling that energy that imbues us with life. 

For me this took a lot of practice, and it is a practice still. 

But I have found this to be a much more gentle and true way of living.  

And one which does not leave me with a feeling of not enough.  Not being enough.  Having enough.  Constantly wanting more.

On an every day level for me this is essentially a letting go of control and stepping fully into trust. 

This does not mean that I don’t do anything and just wait for things to happen around me. 

Life is life, and there are always going to be things to do.  

But for example when I have a million things to do, and lets be honest this is pretty much what life looks like for everyone, I try to step away from my old habit of stressing, worrying and overthinking. Of pushing it all to get done and then pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion in the process. 

And trust that I will get it all done when the time is right. 

And I always do. 

At the moment I have a room full of stuff that needs to be sold, taken to op shops, and sorted through.  And I could be stressing that I haven't done it yet.  That there will never be time to do it.  The old me would be doing just that. 

But right now I know that there are more important things to be spending my time on, like getting to know my new daughter, letting my body rest and replenish post birth, and supporting my son in his new role of big brother. 

That is the most important thing at this time. 

And although it isn't always comfortable just sitting in this space of not being 'productive', I trust that the right time will come for that too. 

Afterall earth needs winter to rest in order to bear fruit in spring!

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