Natural First Aid Kit


Since having kids I have been meaning to create a natural first aid kit to have on hand when we are out and about, and something to be able to immediately reach for in case of little accidents.

I have relied on natural remedies for my kids since day one, and they have still never had Panadol or antibiotics or other commonly used medicines.

Firstly I have always focused on food to strengthen their immune system to prevent them from getting sick in the first place, and to give them the best chance of recovery when they do. 

Then I use herbs, essential oils and homeopathy for healing and support.   Homeopathy and essential oils are both such potent yet gentle and effective tools for healing.  Every oil or remedy has a wide range of uses so you can easily get by with just a select few for a wide range of complaints.

Recently we went on a 5 week holiday to Europe which gave me the motivation to finally put together a little kit to have in my handbag.  This is what I included in it;

Rescue Remedy – for stressful and anxious situation to calm nerves, fears and shock

Magnesium oil – I rub it on my neck and shoulders when particularly tense and when I feel a migraine coming on.  I get immediate relief, it is amazing and I carry it everywhere!  Also so good for any muscular aches and pains, restless legs etc.


Chamomilla – very calming, great to aid sleep and for teething pain which is what we used it for.  My baby girl had 6 teeth come through in the time that we were away so these were a life saver!

Arnica – for any little accidents, injuries and bruises as well as for pain relief.  Always comes in handy with kids around.

Belladonna – remedy for red, burning, hot to touch, swollen.  Great for fever support. We used it successfully when my husband had incredibly sore ears following exposure to extreme wind on a cliff in Denmark.  That with lavender and frankincense helped within a couple of hours.

Essential Oils

Calm – DoTERRA kids blend.  For calming as the name suggests.  We use at bed time and also was handy on the plane.

Steady – DoTERRA kids blend.  Beautiful grounding blend, great for bringing back into the body during chaotic over excited times.  Also great at bed time, and was good on the plane.

Digest zen – DoTERRA blend diluted in a roller.  Great for nausea and digestive upsets.  I use it for the nausea that comes hand in hand with migraines.  Also being on a plane  always makes my stomach feel funny even though we bring our own food so this was great for that.

Lavender and Frankincense - the pure essential oils in small bottles. These are my favourite and go to oils for almost everything.  I use Lavender as a disinfectant for cuts, both of them for sleep and calming, in a face oil, for pain relief as well as for emotional and nervous system support.  We used them diluted in coconut oil and rubbed on chest and back for kids to calm the nervous system on the couple nights when they were just too full of excitement and not able to calm for sleep.

And a few other oils I always have with me…

Easy Air - DoTERRA blend diluted in roller.  Use rubbed on chest and back for any respiratory upsets.  Also great heart opener and for anxiety.

Ice Blue – DoTERRA blend diluted in a roller to use for sore muscles, especially great for tense neck and shoulders when I feel a migraine coming on.

OnGuard – DoTERRA blend diluted in a roller for general immune system support.

Copaiba – Diluted in a roller for migraine support and pain relief.

Past tense – DoTERRA blend diluted in a roller to rub on shoulders and neck at onset of migraine.

Have you used any of these before or do you have any other remedies that would be great in a natural first aid kit? Let me know below.