If you crave more space, flow and connection, and have a deep yearning to heal our beautiful mama earth I would so love to connect with you

This is for you if

- You want to create a more natural & simple life, reduce your impact on the earth and live more gently.

- You are feeling overwhelmed with the day to day and want to slow down, create some space for yourself, your goals and purpose. 

- You are feeling fed up with the clutter and busyness of every day life and want to simplify things but don't know how or where to start.  

- You simply feel called to reconnect with nature, slow down and come back to basics. 


Why Work with me

I know how busy life can get.  I have worked in a stressful corporate job.  Operated two businesses and worked two part time jobs, all at the same time.  I have created and sold a successful business.  I am now a mum of a 4 year old and 19 month old, and creating a business in line with my heart and purpose.

A decade ago I made a decision to drastically change my life and heed this call for a deeper connection.  My main goals were:

- To reduce my impact on the earth and work towards positive change on a larger scale.  

- Improve my health and maintain it.

- Create a life I didn't want to 'get away' from.

I went back to basics in all areas of my life. The biggest changes I made were:

- Started eating an organic wholefood diet.

- Using natural remedies.

- Detoxed my skincare and started making my own products.

- Detoxed my home and started making my own cleaning products.

- Decluttered big time.

- Started working for myself.

- Started practicing yoga and meditation.

I understand first hand how difficult it can be to find the time to sift through all the information out there, and to find the right tools to help us create change in our lives. 

What I would love to do is to share with you what has worked for me. 

Areas we can focus on

- Moving forward on your business idea

- Creating space for your passions

- Detoxing your home

- Bringing more flow into your life and how you move through your day

- Detoxing your skincare


The benefits of slowing down and simplifying

- Creates space in your life.  For yourself.  For your passions.

- Brings clarity of purpose.

- Greater connection to self and strengthening of intuition.

- Living on your own terms through following your inner guidance, rather than constantly being focused on outside gratification and other’s expectations and approval.

- Greater trust, in your self and the universe.

- Reduced impact on the earth as through increased connection you start to tread more gently.

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Reconnect Clarity Session
$99 per session

Gain clarity and movement in one or two areas of your life.


1 x 1 hour mentoring sessions conducted over Skype. 

A follow up email of each session outlining the key points we spoke about and the next steps. 

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Back to Basics Mentoring Package
$88 per session (6 x sessions)

Receive deeper support and guidance as you journey toward a simpler and slower life with more flow and connection with nature.  


6 x 1 hour mentoring sessions conducted over Skype. 

A follow up email of each session outlining the key points we spoke about and the next steps. 

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What people are saying...

"I took a chance on reaching out to Anna for guidance. She asked me to pinpoint an area of my life, a goal I wanted to accomplish, to focus on during our first talk. I am still amazed at how she interpreted everything I poured out in my email and during the call. She seemed to understand much more than what I was able to put into words (even though I listed many problem areas and goals, not just one). After only an hour of talking, she suggested a very clear outline of steps to take to move forward that felt really clear and easy for me to start. The most important thing was that she didn't tell me to eliminate any of my goals, just to consider finishing one before approaching others, because it would free up a lot of energy and I might be surprised how easily the other things get done afterwards. I'm always trying to do everything at once and want to find ways to juggle better, but her advice made perfect sense and most importantly gave me a feeling of confidence and like I was totally understood. Even better, the session notes she provides after a call are so helpful in listing steps you can take (if you choose to), reminding you of the epiphanies you had together and giving a sense of understanding and concise, clear actions. Anna has an incredible empathic nature and ability to listen and understand without judgment. She hears and sees much more than you might think on first meeting and I totally felt safe with her."
Dominique Arciero

"When I talked to Anna, I was feeling busy and kind of chaotic. She allowed me to disentangle my life in an easy and loving way. Her guiding process showed me my blind spots, which were key to the way my life was unfolding. Talking to her allowed me to approach my current circumstances from a different perspective. I enjoyed her down to earth and smooth approach that translated into practical action steps and in my case, it meant moving forward. I would definitely recommend her!"
- Melissa Cuevas