Body Pampering Naturally Ebook

Body Pampering Naturally Ebook


The skin on our body needs just as much love and attention as the skin on our face.  

One of the main purposes of the skin is detoxification, around  1/3 of toxins come out through the skin.  Cleaning the skin regularly to  remove the build up of dead skin cells and impurities is so important in enabling the process of detoxification to function efficiently, and not placeunnecessary burden on our internal organs. It also allows the skin to  breathe, and absorb moisture and nutrients from the skincare products  applied to it much more effectively.  

In this short but info packed ebook learn natural ways to care for and pamper your body.  Through the easy to incorporate suggestions and practices you will be able to create better health, while adding more self care into your life.

Includes a number of natural and simple DIY recipes using easy to find food ingredients, which are packed with nutrients to nourish your skin. 

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