Skin Love Course

Skin Love Course


Skinfood is an online course about simplifying and going back to basics with skincare.  It is about reconnecting with nature and our inner guidance to reclaim healthy, glowing and vibrant skin and creating the time and space for a self care routine that is supportive and achievable.  It is about simple, practical and effective ways of caring for our skin and carving out a little time for ourselves. 

Our skin is the face we show to the world.  And healthy glowing skin changes the way we show up in the world.

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How it works

Skinfood is a self paced online course made up of 3 modules. 
Each module includes audio lessons, high level fact sheets and workbooks.  You will also receive over 20 truly nourishing skincare recipes using whole food ingredients, and an Ingredient Index listing Skinfood ingredients and their skin benefits, so you can continue creating your own recipes. 
You will have access to an interactive private facebook group for support and questions.   
All course material will be available through an online members page to which you will have access 24/7.  
This is an online course so you can also go at your own pace and the material is your to keep and refer back to at any time to make lasting changes.
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