Who is it for?

Skinfood is for women who are feeling overwhelmed and rushed each day trying to accomplish all the things and competing against an imagined image of perfection. 
It is for you if you are always putting yourself last and realising that in order to really show up and be present that it is OK to put yourself first. 
It is for you if you have battled with skin problems and are frustrated with lack of results.
It is for you is you are confused with all the mixed messages about what your skin really needs. 
It is for you if you have wanted to start using skincare which is more natural but just don’t know where to start. 

Our skin is our first barrier to the outside world.  It is what gives our bodies shape and what protects our internal organs.  It is also the physical manifestation of our inner truth.  The face we show to the world.

Sadly many of us choose to cover up and hide ourselves. 

Some of us are dealing with skin issues.  Others feel uncomfortable because they don’t match what is projected to us as beautiful through the media.

Any problems that show up in relation to our skin, whether it be physical symptoms such as acne, dry or dehydrated skin, oily skin, congestion, eczema or psoriasis.  Or a lack of confidence and low self esteem resulting from dissatisfaction in the way we look.  All this is a result of the modern world.

The toxins in our food, air, and water.  In our skincare products.

The negative messages in the media and the people around us who mirror these same messages back to us.

The lack of sleep because we keep pushing ourselves more and more to keep up with our busy lives.

The stress which our busy lives have created.  
The lack of quality time for ourselves.

All these things push us further and further out of balance, while keeping us in the cycle of consumption and thinking we need to do more to fix and improve ourselves.

Every day we are bombarded with new products purporting to make us look younger.  Products that claim to be able to change the appearance of our skin overnight, removing blemishes and improving the appearance of wrinkles.  They highlight to us that we need to be changed.  And if something needs changing it must mean that it is wrong. 

These messages do not acknowledge the beauty of who we already are.  They don’t tell us that ageing is normal.  That any problems that might arise on our skin are actually signs of an imbalance and do not need to be covered and made to disappear, but are just a sign that something needs to change.

Over the years I have had countless customers ask about skincare remedies for all kinds of skin conditions.  And through many different conversations I have come to realise two things.

One is that most people are after an instant result.
And the other is that there is no way to achieve an instant result.  At least not one that will last.

And that the wanting of one and the inability to achieve it is two sides of the same coin.  The wanting of an instant fix is the result of living in this modern world.  Which has caused so much imbalance in us that the fix can never be simple and instant but something that will take time to achieve as we come back to balance with ourselves and nature.

I believe that what we really need is to slow down and come back to basics.  Skincare is just one part of this, but it is an area in which it is possible to make a big difference not only to our skin but overall wellbeing.  

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How it works

Skinfood is a self paced online course made up of 3 modules. 
Each module includes audio lessons, high level fact sheets and workbooks.  You will also receive over 20 truly nourishing skincare recipes using whole food ingredients, and an Ingredient Index listing Skinfood ingredients and their skin benefits, so you can continue creating your own recipes. 
You will have access to an interactive private facebook group for support and questions.   
All course material will be available through an online members page to which you will have access 24/7.  
This is an online course so you can also go at your own pace and the material is your to keep and refer back to at any time to make lasting changes.

What will I get out of the course?

The tools to create simple and effective skincare products from food ingredients that you already have in your kitchen at home.

Contribute to your overall health by eliminating toxic skincare products

Become empowered by taking charge of the health of your skin.

Re-connect to your skin, and be able to respond to what it needs at any time.

Develop a self-care routine that suits your life, as well as special self care rituals to incorporate on a regular basis or when you need.

Save money by making your own skincare products from simple food ingredients.
Reduce food waste by incorporating it into your skincare routine instead.

Module 1 - Skin and Skin care

Learn about the skin and why using natural skincare is important.

Discover what to look for when choosing effective and truly natural skincare products. 

Explore how you feel about your skin and skin care and what it means to you.



Module 2 - Skinfood

Learn about using food as skincare with an overview of the most common ingredients and their properties.

You will receive:

Skinfood recipes which are practical and easy tofollow including cleansers, toners, scrubs and moisturisers.

A comprehensive list of food ingredients and their benefits to the skin.

Sample skincare routines and practical tips to tweak them to suit your lifestyle.  

Module 3 - Self Care

We will explore what self care means to you and what role it plays in your everyday life. 

Create your own self care ritual that suits your lifestyle and needs.

You will receive bonus Skinfood recipes to use in your self care routines and rituals. 

Skinfood Course
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what people are saying...

"Hi Anna, this is a short message to say I am so happy to have participated in your Skinfood Course. Thank you for offering such a different and educational course and for always being available as a sounding board to ask questions. I learnt so much and finished the course feeling really empowered. I love knowing how to make my own nourishing skincare and how to look after my skin naturally (not to mention the money I’m saving..!). On reflection, however, the biggest ‘take away’ from the course for me was an unexpected surprise which was learning about the importance of self-care! I certainly didn’t expect to learn about this but through your guidance and through the course I learnt the value/importance of investing time in myself and in my health. Every day when I use my hand made products, it feels like a little gift I’m giving to myself which makes me really happy. Thank you!"
- Isabelle Prentice


"I really enjoyed the Skinfood course. Anna clearly knows her stuff when it comes to skin and hair care and explains it really well in her course. The recipes were fantastic and there were heaps of them to choose from! I loved the practical side of the course and found that all of the recipes that I made turned out to be really quality products!"
-Jess Thomas - Bloom Anchor Events


"I have had the privilege of learning about natural skincare plus so much more about wellbeing and the science behind it from the wealth of knowledge that is Anna D'Amelio. I have never experienced a more caring, passionate and informative teacher in this area of expertise. Anna is a beautifully calm, balanced and well researched professional who has a commitment to wellbeing and the environment and it shows through her quality products, knowledge & willingness to share with others to improve their lives. Anna's knowledge and her beautiful skincare have changed my life for the better!" 
- Laura Issell – Put Your Heart Into It
"I have been using Anna's products for around 6 years now and i am still in love with them!  I have also participated in a few of Anna’s sustainable skin care work shops and found her knowledge and appreciation for the natural ingredients extensive. I have learnt how to make my own products as well as learning crucial information about essential oils, like when and how to use them correctly.  Anna’s nature is very gentle and fitting with her lovely products and the philosophy."
- Joanne Patterson
"I have previously attended one of Anna’s skincare workshops and I have also used her skincare range. In the workshop Anna’s passion for high quality natural skincare was evident, and she is very environmentally conscious and has a lot of emphasis around using eco-friendly products and recycling where possible. Anna is very knowledgeable and is very good at explaining the importance of using natural products on your skin, and the benefits that they can have. In the workshop we learnt how to make your own room spray and face oil, both of them smelt absolutely amazing, and the face oil worked wonderfully with my skin.  Anna provides exceptional customer service, and has custom made me some of my favourite room fragrance on several occasions which I use nightly sprayed onto my pillow to help me to feel relaxed and fall asleep quickly."
- Nina Wiltshire